How to configure email clients for
Departement of Electrical Engineering

Configuration Changes

The IMAP-server catalogue (IMAP prefix) should have an empty value.
In the previous mail server this value should be set as "Mail" or "mail".
Please remove this option.

This server SUPPORTS folders that contains both messages and folders.
This option can therefore be turned on in clients.


Settings for Thunderbird

Apple Mail

Settings for Apple Mail

Roundcube (Webmail)

Webmail - RoundCube

If you want to use the Sieve filters they have to be activated. That's done in the Settings -> Filters tab.

RoundCube filter settings

Server side mail filtering with Sieve

Sieve is a replacement for procmail, specially built for filtering emails. The implementation run on ISY-mail-server is the Dovecot version. More information about the features implemented is to be found on

General Options

IMAP - TLS - Server for incoming email

IMAP - SSL (Alternative) Server for incoming email

SMTP - Outgoing email

From inside ISY-networks

From other networks (ie Home Computers and Laptops)

Special blocked port 25